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Behind His Eyes - Consequences: Reading Companion to the Bestselling Consequences Series

Behind His Eyes - Consequences - Aleatha Romig Posted on Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads on January 14th! http://shaynareneesspicyreads.com

Remember when you despised Tony, then you liked him, then you hated him again, then he slowly dug his way in to your heart and you fell for him? Well....be prepared to squash those feelings, and try not to throw your kindle out the window. Plain and simple, reading this will bring you back to a very dark place where an extremely dark, manipulative, arrogant man plays GOD. Be prepared to have your heart broken....again.

Everybody thinks they want to know what the HELL Tony was thinking in Consequences. I was one of those people, and I gotta say it wasn't easy reading Behind His Eyes. Before I even started, I stared at the cover for a really long time, contemplating if I was ready for this. Was I ready to get in to Anthony Rawlings head? But once I started, I couldn't put the damn thing down. I must have cursed at my Kindle a hundred times and I even imagined slapping Tony across the face over and over again. Yeah, Behind His Eyes will make you crazy, it will pull emotions from you left and right, and you just won't know what to do with yourself when you get to the end.

In Tony's POV, you will get more insight as to why Tony was so drawn to Claire. You will understand more about the connections, and the vendetta, and just the why of it all. You will get answers, but make sure you are prepared for those answers. You will gather some info on how much power Tony really has and how he went about manipulating Claire's and the people close to Claire's world.

It was interesting to find out how important carrying out Nathaniel's wish was for Tony. He pretty much built his whole world around that wish, and he would do ANYTHING to fulfill it. He ruined people's lives, played with their lives, and chalked it all up to IT JUST HAD TO BE DONE. You wonder how the hell a person like that can fall in love with another human being. Was it really love? What is Tony's definition of love, because it sure as hell isn't the same as mine.

I was so entranced in reading this book, that when the first time Tony struck Claire, I actually flinched! Seriously! And don't even get me started on reading his POV of the so-called "accident." I found myself setting the book down before I read that part. I didn't know what to expect. I expected to be even more pissed off. I think Aleatha did a fantastic job on this part. She didn't dwell on it too much. She gave just the right amount of information, and I appreciated that so much.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to give any spoilers, so I should start wrapping it up. When you are reading this just try to keep in the back of your mind, how you felt about Tony after reading Convicted. It will help....a little bit. If you have read the entire series (which you better have if you are reading this review) then you already know what is going to happen, but you will still be on pins and needles, waiting, holding your breath, wondering if it will turn out different. I think it was an absolute brilliant idea to give us Consequences, Truth, and Convicted in Tony's POV. I can't wait until the next one comes. Maybe...just maybe....we will get even more answers and Aleatha will try to help us understand the conundrum that is Anthony Rawlings.

*eARC provided by the author*