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Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5)

Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5) - Shayla Black,  Lexi Blake Posted @ http://shaynareneesspicyreads.blogspot.com

Their Virgin Hostage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake was an emotionally charged, erotic masterpiece. When these two authors get together and put pen to paper, let me tell you, magic happens. They know how to bring their readers to their knees and they pretty much guarantee to have you emotionally invested in the wonderful, complex characters that they bring to life. Be prepared to enter a world full of gorgeous possessive Doms, a hilarious adorable submissive, and the jackass that tries to tear them apart.

"I think I would take love any way it came to me."

Kinley Kohl always wanted to please everyone around her. So much so that people took advantage of that fact. She never thought of what would help her, it was always give, give, give, and never take. With her late mom's charity going under and her father's health deteriorating, she thought she was doing the right thing by marrying a wealthy man that could possibly save her family. It didn't matter that she wasn't attracted to him in the least. It didn't matter that she felt no love for this man. All that mattered was that she was doing the right thing for her family. No matter what her best friend or anyone else says, nothing short of a kidnapping would stop her from doing the honorable thing.

"Get your head out of this fucking fairy tale. There's no such thing as "the one.""

"Riley wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he wanted more than one casual fuck after another. He wanted a family."

Riley Anders was a computer geek with a big chip on his shoulder. He was burned badly in his past by a total bitch of a woman, a woman who he thought he could share with his best friend and brother, but when the relationship started getting serious, Riley found out that she wanted different things, she wanted money over love, and it broke him. After feeling so rejected, it had become extremely hard for him to imagine a woman out there he could trust to handle all three of them.

"I was a soldier. Special Forces. You can't imagine the things I've done. I didn't to college. I don't deserve you, Kinley, but I fucking want you. So bad."

"God, Kinley, when I heard you laugh for the first time, it was like...I could see color in the world.

Law Anders was more than the muscle of the group. He was as loyal as they come. Law was a tough SOB. He wanted desperately to find the woman that could bring them all to their knees, and he found that in Kinley Kohl. All he had to do was convince his brothers that she wasn't just another gold digger that would marry anyone for money, that she just wasn't a job they had to take care of. Kinley Kohl WAS the missing piece to their kinky puzzle.

"He could call himself the Dom, but he'd spent his life looking for the woman who could move him and make him want to surrender his heart."

"Tell me to stop. Tell me to walk away. I need you to because I fucking can't."

Dominic Anthony was a man that took charge, a man that dominated an entire room. Authority just oozed from this man, and whatever he had to say, you listened. He was in this to seek revenge for his sister's death. It was what motivated him. His goal was not to fall in love with his hostage, it was to avenge Carrie's death. He couldn't afford to screw this up, but one look at Kinley and he knew, even though he fought it to death, he KNEW that she was the perfect sub for him.

Sweetheart, what you're feeling, besides arousal, is the connection between a Dom and a sub. You could get it with a lover in other ways, but this is how we find it. We play. We grow together. We share these parts of ourselves."

I already fell in love with these three men a while back, this story just cemented that fact. Even though Riley, Law, and Dominic drove me crazy sometimes, and I just wanted to scream at them and hit them upside their heads, they still held on to a piece of my heart. Their passion, their intensity, and their love they had for Kinley was amazing. It was so easy to get inside of Kinley's head and feel her anticipation during the scenes with the men. At first you felt her insecurities and it broke your heart, but when she was around these three, all that evaporated and all she felt was that she NEEDED them, and they NEEDED her.

Their Virgin Hostage had everything you would expect from a Shayla Black and Lexi Blake story. It was full of passion, heat, incredible sex scenes, and raw emotions that melt your heart and blew your mind. This story was also filled with angst and suspense that kept you on your toes. This story can be read as a standalone, but I do recommend reading the series in order, because there is definitely character cross-over that you don't want to miss. I recommend Their Virgin Hostage, not only because it was a TOP PICK for me, but because these characters will take a piece of your heart and won't let go. These characters will stick with you way after you turn the last page.

*ARC provided by authors*