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My name is Shayna Renee and reading is my passion. I can’t wait to escape reality and dive in to a passion filled love story! I own a Nook, Kindle, iPad, and way too many paperback books to count. I never find myself without a way to read a chapter here and there. My favorite type of book is one that can pull every type of emotion out of me. The uglier the cry I get from reading, the better! It all started when a friend of mine urged me to read a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you all heard of it? Yeah, I thought so. I found myself wanting to see what else was out there, what was so fascinating about this particular genre. On my journey, I discovered authors like J.R. Ward, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, and Sylvain Reynard and I was just hooked! After reading these fabulous books for a while, I discovered I really had no one close by to share my thoughts with. That’s when I decided to start a blog; a review blog that could help me get my thoughts out there and in turn get other people’s recommendations and opinions. I absolutely LOVE the authors and romance readers I have met through this journey, and I only hope to continue sharing my adoration of books with you!


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Until November

Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds For more reviews, visit Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads

"Having you wrapped around me all night, feeling you come around my fingers, now wrapped in a towel and knowing what's under that shit and not being able to do a damn thing about it is my worst fucking nightmare."

Oh Asher Mayson, you dirty, dirty, dirty, sexy man!

Until November is book one in Aurora Rose Reynold's Until Series. This is also my very first read from the very talented author. Ms Reynolds has made a very good first impression on me with this book. She had me intrigued right off the bat. November is a woman who has had a very tough life with dealing with abuse from her mother. It broke my heart that even after all she has been through, she still was trying to make peace with her past. The strength that this character showed was amazing, and I can certainly learn a lot from her.

Asher Mayson, the "not so sweet talking" dominant man knows what he wants, and he asks no questions, just takes it. In some characters this doesn't work, but with Asher, even though he was a jack-ass sometimes, I still loved him!

Until November was full of suspense, romance, and some very powerful, intense sex scenes that had me blushing. Asher is a man that needs to take control, and even though November is an independent woman who can call him out on his shit, the relationship still works for them, and their interactions were ridiculously funny and beautiful at the same time.

"You're mine. Every inch of you belongs to me. From your sweet mouth to your even sweeter pussy and when I want it, you better give it to me."

Both POVs were given to us, and it worked really well in this story. We get a very in depth history on both characters and even though they were heartbreaking, it seems like a lot of people could relate and lessons can be learned and hope can be shared.

Aurora Rose Reynolds is definitly an author to watch out for. This series is going on my must-read list and I can't wait to learn more about these great characters that she has created for us. Believe me when I say your brain will go into the Asher-fog. Don't fight it!