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My name is Shayna Renee and reading is my passion. I can’t wait to escape reality and dive in to a passion filled love story! I own a Nook, Kindle, iPad, and way too many paperback books to count. I never find myself without a way to read a chapter here and there. My favorite type of book is one that can pull every type of emotion out of me. The uglier the cry I get from reading, the better! It all started when a friend of mine urged me to read a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you all heard of it? Yeah, I thought so. I found myself wanting to see what else was out there, what was so fascinating about this particular genre. On my journey, I discovered authors like J.R. Ward, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, and Sylvain Reynard and I was just hooked! After reading these fabulous books for a while, I discovered I really had no one close by to share my thoughts with. That’s when I decided to start a blog; a review blog that could help me get my thoughts out there and in turn get other people’s recommendations and opinions. I absolutely LOVE the authors and romance readers I have met through this journey, and I only hope to continue sharing my adoration of books with you!


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Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy)

Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy) - Sylvain Reynard Gabriel's Redemption was my MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK of 2013 and it so happens to be one of my TOP PICKS for 2013! The Gabriel's Inferno Series by Sylvain Reynard has got to be one of the best series out there today. Screw Fifty Shades of Grey! Screw Christian! Gabriel Emerson is the KING of dominant, sexy, addicting males! I cannot get enough of that man. Gabriel and Julianne's love story is at the top of the charts! Very memorable and impossible to forget. Sylvain Reynard is a fucking genius, taking us on a journey full of passion, emotion, and undying love. I guarantee if you start this series, you will NOT put it down for anything.

"Every night when I fall asleep with her in my arms, I thank God she's mine. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is that I'm grateful she married me. I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest."

If you have followed this series you have been with the Professor and Julianne through major ups and downs, and they have survived, no matter how tough life has gotten, their love is unbreakable, unmatched, and unbelievably beautiful. In Gabirel's Redemption their struggles continue, and we experience their love, their connection grow even stronger. Some of the challenges that they face are typical challenges you have in a marriage, but there are a couple challenges regarding both of their pasts and the threat that lingers with uncertainty. At those particular points in the story, that is when you will catch me gripping my e-reader, and crying my eyes out. Sylvain has created these characters that have buried themselves in my heart, made me care about them so much, and you just never want to let them go. You laugh when they laugh, you cry when they struggle, and you smile when they show their wondrous love to us. Nothing will make you fall in love with a book more, than having fascinating and captivating characters, and not just the main characters, ALL of the characters. You either love em or hate em, but they will never leave your mind.

"I've hurt you, again and again. Yet you're so giving. Why?"

"Because I love you. Because I have compassion for you. Because I forgive you."

The most emotional part that got to me, was the fact that even though Gabriel and Julianne finally had each other, they finally were in a good place, but they kept worrying about the other one leaving them. It was just heartbreaking. I wanted to shake them and tell them to just LOVE each other, stop worrying about when your last day with each other will be. It seemed like they have never been this happy before, so that made them afraid of it, afraid that it wouldn't last, that their love had an expiration date. That intense love, that overwhelming, all-consuming kind of love is magical, and those two deserved magical! Gabriel's Redemption was in one word perfection. Trilogies have to be hard for authors. As a reader you expect an out of the park, fantastic ending to a story that you have been following for a long time. I have read the ending of some trilogies that have been disappointing to say the least, but Gabriel's Redemption was a beautifully complete story. There is nothing better that I would have asked for. Sylvain Reynard did these characters and this series justice. Kudos to you Sylvain, on the perfect ending to a perfect series!

"Apparuit iam beatitudo vestra. I love you."

*ARC provided by NetGalley*