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My name is Shayna Renee and reading is my passion. I can’t wait to escape reality and dive in to a passion filled love story! I own a Nook, Kindle, iPad, and way too many paperback books to count. I never find myself without a way to read a chapter here and there. My favorite type of book is one that can pull every type of emotion out of me. The uglier the cry I get from reading, the better! It all started when a friend of mine urged me to read a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you all heard of it? Yeah, I thought so. I found myself wanting to see what else was out there, what was so fascinating about this particular genre. On my journey, I discovered authors like J.R. Ward, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, and Sylvain Reynard and I was just hooked! After reading these fabulous books for a while, I discovered I really had no one close by to share my thoughts with. That’s when I decided to start a blog; a review blog that could help me get my thoughts out there and in turn get other people’s recommendations and opinions. I absolutely LOVE the authors and romance readers I have met through this journey, and I only hope to continue sharing my adoration of books with you!


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Good Girl

Good Girl - Susan   Wright Good Girl by Susan Wright was a good book and I enjoyed many parts of it. There were a few instances where things were repeated and one part where the incorrect name was given in a crucial part, and I stumbled for a little bit but other than that it was an enjoyable light BDSM book.

I loved the character separately, but together there just wasn't that intense chemistry or that incredible spark that I usually get when I read these types of books. I just wanted more from them. Don't get me wrong the kinky scenes were hot, especially the wax scene, but there were points in time, I just felt disconnected with the romance part of it.

The storyline was a great idea. I felt like I had a lot in common with Kali right off the bat. Hunter was an independent artist, and I did get that artsy, sexy vibe from him, I just didn't connect with the Dom part of him, and I think that is crucial if you are going to have BDSM elements in the story.

That being said, I did finish this in one night, so there is something that did catch my attention. Susan Wright is a new author to me, and I would consider reading more from her.

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