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My name is Shayna Renee and reading is my passion. I can’t wait to escape reality and dive in to a passion filled love story! I own a Nook, Kindle, iPad, and way too many paperback books to count. I never find myself without a way to read a chapter here and there. My favorite type of book is one that can pull every type of emotion out of me. The uglier the cry I get from reading, the better! It all started when a friend of mine urged me to read a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey. Have you all heard of it? Yeah, I thought so. I found myself wanting to see what else was out there, what was so fascinating about this particular genre. On my journey, I discovered authors like J.R. Ward, Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, and Sylvain Reynard and I was just hooked! After reading these fabulous books for a while, I discovered I really had no one close by to share my thoughts with. That’s when I decided to start a blog; a review blog that could help me get my thoughts out there and in turn get other people’s recommendations and opinions. I absolutely LOVE the authors and romance readers I have met through this journey, and I only hope to continue sharing my adoration of books with you!


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Steal the Moon (Thieves, #3) - Lexi Blake Steal the Moon by Lexi Blake is a Paranormal Romantic Suspense that will leave you breathless until the very last page is turned. Lexi Blake is becoming one of my favorite PNR authors and she hit a home run with the Thieves series. It just keeps getting better and better. I would say that in the future she will be in the same ranks as Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, and Gena Showalter. Steal the Moon has everything a paranormal reader could ever want: wolves, zombies, demons, pixies, faeries, angels, witches, and of course vampires.

First of all, let me tell you that you have to read this series in order. You will be lost and confused if you don't. I definitely don't want you lost and confused, but I do want you ridiculously satisfied, and you will get that when you read this series. The storyline and the suspense will keep you on your toes, but it's the characters as a whole who bring it home. You will meet so many wonderful, dynamic characters in this series and you will not want to let them go. At first, I was all the way Team Dev! I mean, what's not to love? He's a smooth talking, panty melting, kinky playboy who has fallen head over heels for Zoey Donovan. After reading Steal The Moon, I'm ALSO Team Daniel! and YES, I'm allowed to be both :) In the previous books, Danny was struggling hard. He was alway brooding, arguing, and just plain pissing me off. That's not to say he still isn't accomplishing those qualities in this book, but for me, he has gotten more comfortable in his role as King and also by Zoey's side. He has warmed up to Dev, and those two messing with each other was so fun to read. There is this hilarious back and forth play dynamic between the two, and it's very touching to see how far they have both grown in the relationship. They are even playing video games together, and THAT is just a major improvement. My gorgeous Dev has gotten stronger with the help of Danny, and Danny has become more accepting. It's really beautiful how they have become almost best friends. ( Shhh..don't tell them I said that )

We can all say "oh poor Z!" She has to struggle with loving two men, and I agree that it probably has its ups and downs, but I'm still incredibly jealous of her. I think she finally realizes that she can't live without either one of them. They are way too important to her. In this book, we see her grow as well. At the beginning the boys were sheltering her too much and changing Zoey without meaning to. When she finally stood up and had enough and got back to her own stubborn, hard-headed self is when the real fireworks began.

"If you love me, be brave enough to risk losing me."

There is so much going on in this story. I was captivated the whole way through. There was a wide range of emotions that this pulled out of me. There were times, I wanted to kill Dev and Danny AND Zoey myself. I laughed so hard, I cried even harder, and my breath hitched a couple of times as well. And don't forget, this wouldn't be a Lexi Blake book if there weren't nipple clamps and spankings involved. Oh god, have I mentioned how much I love Dev?! The sex was amazing between these three. Hot as all get out! Rough, tender, sensual, kinky....it had everything a kinky girl like me could want.

"Yes, and she's got the pussy, dude. Maybe you can get pussy wherever you want, but I'm a dude who's only wanted one pussy his whole life. You gotta deal with the pussy in a certain way."

I could probably go on forever with this review, but the last topic I want to hit on is the most important part...the characters, new and old. You finally get to meet Declan, Dev's brother, and let's just say you will not see it coming. If you thought Dev was a playboy, I can't wait for you to meet Declan. Halfer, the demon is still hunting down Zoey and he will stop at nothing to get to her. I can't say too much about Neil, Zoey's gay husband, who also happens to be a wolf, but I will say, I hope he gets his own happy ending along with the rest of them. Sometimes there is a character that swoops in and steals the light from our main characters, and that my friends, has to be Zoey's wolf bodyguard Lee. I loved his no-nonsense attitude from the beginning, and his loyalty, just like Zoey's, is unmatched. By the end of the book, that man/wolf had me in tears.

I chose Steal the Moon as a Top Pick for me. There is just so much to love about this book and this series in general. It will hit all the right spots, and will leave you wanting more. Readers constantly talk about book boyfriends, and I'm on board, in fact I have a few myself, BUT with this book you get an entire book family. You will love each and every one of them. Once again, Lexi has left me with bated breath, counting down the days until she brings us along on her next journey.

*ARC provided by the author*